The best brands are built on great stories.“ —Ian RowdenChief Marketing Officer, Virgin 

Creating your Story: Developing your Business through Words 

It all starts with an idea. Essentially, that one thought in your head that drove you to be a successful business owner. This idea, this dream of becoming someone else's solution, is not always easy to communicate, and so, you go on to hire someone like me. My job, as an 'idea transcriber', is to take those thoughts and goals in your head and convert them into a compelling storyline; a mission and a vision statement that could be seamlessly shared through a myriad of platforms and in multiple languages. 

The strategy here is to create that  “Aha!” moment,  that which leads consumers to make the logical and emotional connections that convert them into brand advocates for life. Writing your business' story creatively and with empathy, not only enables connections between you and the prospective and current customer, but it also motivates, inspires, informs, and changes minds. As an 'idea transcriber', I strive to do exactly that. A strong bond is made when a good connection is formed, and it is until then that credibility further develops between two entities.  

Sharing your Vision through Effective Content Creation

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Once you've created the basics, it is time to start developing the small details. These will help you have a better idea of where you are going and who you are trying to reach. They will also make your business shine! How about a guest blog post on an authoritative website, or perhaps a blog post on healthy cooking recipes, or on DIY tips for repairing furniture or home appliances. Depending on your business, there is always knowledge to share. The idea behind content creation and content curation is to delight and inform your readers in hopes that they will become your customer and most trusted advocate. Creating key-word centric blogs on your site, will not only do that, but it will also boost page ranks, which will help your service come at the top of the search engines! 

Let's show your customer that you live and breathe the services that your company and product offers them! Not only can I help you with writing these tid-bits of wisdom, but I can also make your blog posts stand out by creating some images to go along with it. You know what they image is worth more than a thousand words. 

Making Connections through Social Media

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Now that you've got all a compelling storyline, stellar copy on your website, and a bunch of new and exciting articles and images to share, it is time to spread the word on social media. This is where it can get time-consuming, and a bit complicated. However, no matter how tedious or convoluted it gets, socializing and sharing your story via these social platforms is very important. It will allow you to make connections with potential and current customers and gain valuable contacts; most importantly, it will help your business grow! Through daily interactions, you will let your ever-growing audience know that you are a credible source of valuable information and insights. 

Extending your Message through Content in Multiple Languages

English to Spanish Translations | Transliteration | Bilingual Copywriting  

Did you know that Spanish is, by far, the most spoken non-English language in the U.S? About one million people speak Spanish in Florida, and almost 34.8 million nation-wide are of Hispanic descent and speak Spanish at home. With these statistics in mind, you better believe that taking your business to the next level will take more than a just a few blog posts and social media shares. You will need someone that is capable of writing and producing effective content in English and Spanish to reach more customers. Translations and transliterations are a tricky matter, and it should only be assigned to those who know the ins and outs of both languages. You don't want your business' storyline to get lost in translation. 

All images on this page were created by Diane Streicher | All text written by Victoria Casal-Data